About Us

More important than any classroom credentials, is our love for doing the work and seeing the dramatic change we can make in such a short period of time." - Cynthia Davis


Wallovers stencil line was created by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris who together have over 50 years of decorative painting experience. After specializing in creating and painting patterned finishes they decided to take their design to the trade. With the resurgence of wallpaper popularity they feel it is more important than ever to show the consumer that decorative painting with allover stencils can create a similar look while providing a more unique and artistic finished product. And the best part is that customers and their friends and family will say “where are the seams?”

Cynthia and Rena began Wallovers in 2007 with only 13 designs and now have over 70 allover designs that piece together using easy registration marks creating “wallpaper-like” patterns for walls and furniture. Their philosophy has always been to service the customer and be available for hands on advice. Rena and Cynthia continue to do field work and stay on top of the latest design trends to bring new tools and designs to make the job easier for decorative painters. Wallovers is the originator of “The Topper™” a precut stencil piece that makes finishing the top of the wall fast and simple.