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Mama Natalie is a Rwandan woman who lives in Kigali, Rwanda. She works very hard to support her family. I met her during my time in Rwanda and was inspired by her art and hard work. She uses very basic materials to create her artwork. She creates the designs for these stencils with a simple water and flour paste. Her designs are painted on anything from wall hangings to placemats, bed spreads, table runners, and pillows. She works in her home where she paints and sells her work to those who know her. We are so happy to share Mama Natalie's artwork and help her grow her business by offering these Mama Natalie stencils. All profits from Mama Natalie stencils will go directly to her to support her family and help grow her business.

90% of the population in Rwanda sustains themselves on subsistence agriculture and 63 % of the population lives on less than $1.25 per day. As a result it can be difficult for a developing artist like Mama Natalie to find a market for her work so she can continue to develop and sell her beautiful designs.

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