Jul 9, 2013

the-allover-brushthe-wallbusterWALLOVERS  Allover and Wallbuster stencil brushes the best in the industry. We know because as decorative painters and founders of Wallovers, we use them all the time. We created Wallovers because we specialize in pattern finishes. Since we run our business doing these designs, we know that time is money.

We were frustrated for years because we could not find a brush we loved to do our own finishes fast and easy, so we created the Allover   brush. A 1 1/2 brush that is the perfect density and length of bristles, comfortable handle and perfect for stenciling larger stencils for bigger projects. On large wall projects like foyers we asked ourselves, why not go bigger?? The Wallbuster brush spreads out to 3 inches wide. With one load of paint you can complete a large area, in many cases the entire repeat of a design. Dip, offload and repeat for fast stenciling . 

So don’t start a repeat, allover stencil design without owning a Wallover’s Allover or Wallbuster brush. Own both and you will find the job is always easy!

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