Pouring Epoxy

Jul 27, 2016

Always pour your epoxy in warm temperature conditions. We waited until a stretch of heat wave days to do it. This way the product cures faster. Also, remember this information is simplified for small peojects not large countertops. If you are doing a large countertop you will need to take more steps with a heat gun to remove bubbles.

So here we started with a 2 part epoxy resin and hardener. 


Heat the resin by putting the closed container it in a pot of heated water so the temperature rises above 70 degrees. Measure out an even amount of epoxy and hardener in two separate containers.


Don't mix them together until you are ready to use them.


Using a small amount of evenly mixed and stirred resin/hardener paint a thin coat of the mix onto the surface. Let it dry for several hours until it is no longer sticky. (If there is a small amount of tackiness that won't cure it is ok to pour the next, flood coat over this. Most likely it is because you did not mix the 2 products together enough). Wait at least 4 hours before you apply the flood coat.

Mix another larger batch. Pour slowly moving across the surface. Epoxy will settle and fill the dips and unevenness from the seal coat.


Make sure your piece is raised  in some way so it can drip onto a fairly thick disposable tarp. The epoxy that drips will harden so make sure you do not do this on an area that could get damaged. 


Let dry overnight! and Voila! A gorgeous, servable and wipeable beautiful surface. 

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