Modern Masters Cafe class

May 6, 2016

At Wallovers we love Modern Masters Paints and Our new favorite is the Matte Metallic Paint. In our recent class, “Cream of the Crop” taught at the IDAL San Antonio Regional Conference, professional decorative artists made this gorgeous sample using the matte metallic paint.  Matte Metallic stays wet while you manipulate the design and holds a pattern for elegant backgrounds under Wallovers’ allover stencils designs.


Matte Metallic Paint

Here’s what we did. 

We base coated our samples with Benjamin Moore 1614.


Benjamin Moore 1614

Then we applied a cross weave using a wide chip brush and Modern Masters Platinum Matte Metallic paint and a small amount of Matte metallic Brass paint.

Modern Masters Paints


Applying paint

Then we cross hatched vertically and horizontally with a wide chip brush. This makes a beautiful, fabric-like effect.


Finished painting

We also used a little micro-glitter which we mixed from using bronze glitter by “faux by Kathy” and modern masters wall and furniture glazing liquid and water.


Glitter paint

After the pattern is dry we used Wallovers Allover Brush and stenciled our newest design called Contempo using Modern Masters Brass Paint. This creates the shadow layer.


Finished stencil

 Then we shifted the deign up a bit to the right (about ¼ Inch)


Gold stencil

and restencilied it using Modern Masters metallic paint Flash Gold mixed with a little bit of off white house paint (color Benjaim Moore  970) Adding the house paint makes the Flash gold a bit more opaque and enabled us to cover the shadow stencil layer completely. 

The end result is a gorgeous, sleek, contemporary finish perfect for any accent wall!


Silver and gold stencil

Heres some other finishes we did using Modern Masters paint!


Variety of stencils

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