Recipe for Success

Mar 7, 2016

Will the design field ever get enough of the soft silvers and shimmer? We don’t think it’s ending soon.  So in this blog  wallovers  allover stencils shares a recipe using one of our most beautiful, allover designs called “Winter in a soft silvery finish.

What we love about winter is it’s modern but also soft and beautiful and you can use this pattern in any room and on vast spaces without it overwhelming the rest of the designs in the room.

Here’s the steps to completing the finish. 

Basecoat using Benjamin Moore 1468

Then apply Modern Masters Masters 514, 591 and 244 by softly ragging them and blending them together.

Modern Masters 514, 591 and 244

The stencil is going to cover this so don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Small lap lines will not show up but you can add some glazing medium to the metallic paint to help it flow.

Using your Wallovers, “winter” stencil  (apply spray adhesive as we showed you in our instructional video in our video blog series )

winter stencil  spray adhesive

Stencil the full repeat with Modern Masters Steel Gray/ ME-244.

Then repeat the stencil by raising it a slight amount to the right and up for a drop shadow. Trowel through a mixture of any coarse glitter and Faux By Kathy’s Magic silver jewelry embossing paste.

Winter stencil finishing

winter stencil

Hope you enjoyed this recipe from Wallovers.

The result is a gorgeous, shimmery, sexy and easily saleable finish!

Stencil finished

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